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Strontian Latitude: 56.695388 Longitude: -5.571178 Postcode PH36

Strontian, This Highland village on the A861 at the head of Loch Sunart has given its name to the element strontium.

In 1787 this was discovered in the local lead mines and it was isolated by Humphrey Davy in 1808. It is hard, yet ductile and is used in the manufacture of fireworks, since it burns with a brilliant crimson flame.

Lead was mined here from the 17th century until about 1904. The old workings are still to be seen and are a memorial to an industrial aspect not often associated with the Highlands.

 Strontian Map

Strontian History

Strontian can be found Some 17 minutes south west of Fort William, the village of Strontian is situated at the mouth of a glen on the north side and towards the head of the salt-water Loch Sunart.

The loch separates Sunart and Ardnamurchan on the north from Morven on the south side.

From the glen it is possible to climb Ben Resipol (2,774 ft) which rises north west of Strontian.

In the disruption of the Church of Scotland in 1843 the inhabitants of Strontian seceded almost to a man and when the landlord refused land to build a church, they anchored a floating church of the shore.

First used in 1846, it was later blown ashore, but it continued to be used by worshippers until the Free Church built on land was completed in 1873.

This district. However is connected with an earlier story, which has relevance to present day affairs. Early in the 18th centuary Sir Alexander

Murray of Stanhope bought land in the neighbourhood to work the local lead mines.

These mines also produced mica and feldspar.

Strontianite was a mineral known as early as 1764, and strontium, a metallic element. was detected in it, in 1787 being isolated in 1808 by Sir Hurnphry Davy. This element, in the form of strontium 90 which is present in radio active fall out from atomic explosions.

In the 1960s, the Department of Agriculture undertook a land settlement scheme here and created a new village. The Nature Conservancy Council has a Nature Trail in Strontian Glen which goes through the Arriundle oakwood to the old lead mines.


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