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Bettyhill,  This village was named after its founder, Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland, who created it as a settlement for crofters evicted in 1820 during the era of the Highland Clearances.

Bettyhill offers a selection off holiday accommodation for the visitor to frequent during there vacation and enjoy the many activities available from great fishing and hiking to visiting museums.

A mile to the east of Betty­hill, in Clachan Churchyard, stands the Farr Stone of about AD 800, an outstanding example of the ancient Celtic art of Scotland. The church (1774) has been converted to the Strathnaver Museum with a thematic exhibition telling the story of the clearances that occurred in Strath­naver around 1812.

South of Bettyhill is the beautiful valley of Strathnaver which, more than most, suffered during the clearances.

At Skail is a commemora­tive cairn erected to the memory of the 93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment who formed the 'thin red line' at Balaclava in the Crimean War.

  • Bettyhill Latitude: 58.5252° N Longitude: 4.2223° W
  • Bettyhill Postcode KW14

The village is named after Elizabeth Countess of Sutherland. It is situated at the head of Strathnaver Valley.

Bettyhill was one of 64 communities that populated the area before the Sutherland clearances in the early 19th Century and was one of the few to remain after them, The village is in the parish of Farr on the north coast of Scotland on the A836 road, offering accommodation Bed and Breakfast to suit all budgets.

What's on in Bettyhill

The River Naver flows eighteen miles from Loch Naver and enters the sea at Bettyhill, It is one of the most productive, and exclusive, of Scotland’s salmon rivers.

The fishing season runs from 12 January to 30 September, The parish church has been made into it museum of local interest and contains some remarkable carved stones.

The Nature Resolve at the mouth of the Never is important because of the severe exposure, uncommon mountain plants can be found growing almost at sea level, Here you can find a wide variety of lime and acid loving plant species such as crowberry, mountain avens, moss campion and bearberry and dwarf shrubs.

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