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Loch Ness Inverness-Shire world famous because its real or imaginary monster is part of the Great Glen or GLEN MORE ALBIN and extends from 7miles south west if Inverness for 24 miles to Fort Augustus it is about 1 mile wide and said to be 700 ft deep, but it has never been properly charted and is in places much deeper. It has never been recorded as frozen over. On the west side is the main A82 and on the east the road built by General Wade more than 200 years ago: the loch is a major stretch of the Claledonian Canal which links the Moray Firth on the east with Loch Linnhe on the west and eventually the Atlantic.

The loch because its length and relatively calm water it has been used for attempts on the water speed record and in 1952 John Cobb, the racing motorist, was killed in an attempt on it: a memorial cair is on the west shore between Drumnadrochit and Invermoriston.

The 'monster ' saga started in 1932, when a local man reported seeing a strange creature rising out of the loch; and the learned were quick to recall legends dating back to St Adamnan, Abbot of Iona in the 7th centuary who was said to have reported an aquatillis bestia in the loch.

There were more 'sightings' before the Second World War. but (perhaps because of the military activity in those parts) the creature apparently retired to its depths until after the war, where-after sightings became annual summer events. Miles of film were expended on it, correspondents and photographers did very well from avid newspapers, observation posts were set up, scientific expeditions moved in from Japan electronic gadgetry and even a submarine were brought in and scores of photographs and sworn statements were produced to prove that there was something unidentified in the loch, but Nessie as it is lovingly known remained elusive, until late in 1975 then a high-ranking team of American scientists announced that they had photographic evidence of a large, living animal or family of plesiosaurs in the loch. Sir Peter Scott of the World Wildlife Trust suggested that there were up to thirty and learned symposium was arranged in Edinburgh But Edinburgh, which has sponsored more major scientific and literary discoveries in the past 250 years than most cities, significantly changed its mind, and the symposium wits cancelled, the photographs were oddly elusive, the controversy raged, and questions were asked in the House of Commons about Nessie's 'protection '. Members were even given a private view of the photograhs although that was denied to the Press and 'she not withstanding an Act of Parliament is regarded as female was given a splendid name Nessiteras rhombopteryx meaning roughly Loch Ness marvel with diamond-shaped fin but an astute daily telegraph reader observed that this is an anagram for 'Monster hoax by Sir Peter S'. So there the question of Nessie rests, and each visitor must decide whether it is real or maybe just a wisp of Scotch mist.

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