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Scottish Highlands Weather

The Scottish Highlands is known for its diverse weather changes through the seasons.
The weather in Scotland does not differ that much from England although
Scotland is a bit more cloudy.
The average sunshine hours are at their maximum
in May and June and the least in December and January.

Because of the high latitude the winter days are very short but are compensated with only 5 hours
of almost darkness in the long summer days. Rainfall is another key element of
Scottish weather although it is not as bad as sometimes told.
The winds
favourite direction is from the south-west and strong winds occur more often and
are the strongest in the Western Isles and the north-west coast .January and
February are the coldest months with an average of around 5 to 7 °C where the
summer months have an average of about 19 Degrees C.
The annual mean temperature
on Ben Nevis (1344m) is -0,3C. Snowfall occurs on less than 20 days near the
west-coast to more than 100 days in the Cairngorm Mountains mainly in the months
December to March.

Monthly averages Inverness Area
January Avg Low: NA Avg High: NA Avg precip: NA
February Avg Low: NA Avg High: Avg precip: 2.63 cm
March Avg Low: NA Avg High: Avg precip: NA
April Avg Low: NA Avg High: 10° Avg precip: 2.15 cm
May Avg Low: Avg High: 14° Avg precip: 3.03 cm
June Avg Low: Avg High: 16° Avg precip: 3.72 cm
July Avg Low: 11° Avg High: 18° Avg precip: 3.1 cm
August Avg Low: 10° Avg High: 18° Avg precip: 3.61 cm
September Avg Low: Avg High: 15° Avg precip: 3.02 cm
October Avg Low: Avg High: 12° Avg precip: 4.52 cm
November Avg Low: NA Avg High: Avg precip: 2.3 cm
December Avg Low: NA Avg High: Avg precip: 3.11 cm

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Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

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  • 03 Jan 2019

    Mostly Cloudy 5°C -1°C

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    Mostly Cloudy 6°C 2°C

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